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The Boelter Companies has been in existence since 1929 when its founder, Fred W. Boelter, began selling bar and janitorial supplies to taverns and rooming houses in Milwaukee. Today the scope of the Boelter business includes not only foodservice and janitorial supplies, but contract commercial and institutional foodservice equipment and food facility design (seven offices throughout the United States).

Our other related business units include: Boelter Beverage Group, which brings brand support product and fulfillment solutions to the beverage industry; Boelter Brands, which markets and distributes licensed home beverage accessories to retail channels throughout North America; and Custom Deco, a decorator of glass and ceramic drinkware for Boelter, the foodservice industry, and promotional products agencies throughout the country.

Bill Boelter Board Chairman

2009 Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Industry Hall of Fame Inductee, June 2009

Boelter history goes back 85 years and I’ve been part of many far reaching and exciting decisions in the years I’ve had a leadership role. More change has occurred in the last 10 years than in the previous 50. From an unassuming business that started on National Avenue in Milwaukee, we now have clients and customers throughout the United States.

What hasn’t changed, and never will, is Boelter’s unwavering belief that by company leaders first serving their front line associates, giving them the tools they need to be more productive, the client or customer is served best.

When we all come together to serve, our success will be in winning hearts and providing consistently positive, memorable experiences for our customers. That is our culture and vision. The way each and every Boelter associate continues to support it is rarely seen in this day and age.

Boelter headquarters in Waukesha and Glendale, WI, with offices and representation in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Sacramento.

Eric Boelter President, Foodservice, Industrial Supply & Boelter Commercial Kitchen Design

2005 Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine Dealer of the Year

During the past 23 years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with our industry’s most talented food facility designers, foodservice supply and industrial supply specialists. What sets these Boelter specialists apart from all the others is not what they know, but rather the way they use their talents for the benefit of their customers’ businesses.

Today, our customers have more choices than ever when determining where to buy the supplies and equipment that keep their kitchens and facilities humming. In order to be the clear supplier of choice, our Boelter team works together to provide customized solutions that truly form a strategic business fit.

As the leader of our supply and contract businesses, this translates into removing barriers that impede our ability to react quickly to the many needs and unexpected changes that occur in your business or on your projects. It also means that we will continue to make the necessary investments to give our frontline associates the tools they need to serve you and assist you as you pursue your business objectives.

We have grown considerably and have undergone many changes during my time with Boelter. However, our leaders, project managers, sales associates, and our frontline associates continue to be focused on serving each other with the common objective of serving our customers best.

Rick Boelter President, Boelter Beverage Group

2007 Wisconsin Family Business of the Year

All of us familiar with the US beverage industry know that change has been constant and at times dramatic over the past 40 years. The brewing industry is a great example – just consider the how leading brands and number of breweries and beer wholesalers have changed in this time!

Over the course of these years, Boelter Beverage Group has been consistently and uniquely meeting the needs of beverage clients and their wholesaler networks with brand-identified beverage serving products and fulfillment programs. We have continually refined our focus on the beverage industry, the strategic products that serve beverages, and the logistics of fulfilling these items into the North American market in a one-stop-shop environment.

In a related business unit, our ownership of Custom Deco, the leading U.S. glass and ceramic drink-ware decorator, further exemplifies our commitment to insure timely delivery and the highest product line expertise to our customers. Custom Deco leads the glass decorating industry in innovations that set great beverage brands apart as they are served.

Our success with Boelter Beverage Group comes through a devotion to build a great team of associates who have an in-depth understanding of the beverage industry. Knowing how to serve our customers and consistently make a positive difference is what truly sets us apart in the marketplace.

Attitude Makes The Positive Difference

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