From Farm to Fork—Keeping Food Safe

Comark HACCP Data Recorder

“In the weeds.” It’s an expression we hear in a variety of settings, but it was born in a restaurant kitchen, where the pace gallops, all day every day. Just keeping up—delicious food, perfect drinks and happy customers—can be an enormous challenge. Staying ahead of the curve, though, and ensuring the safety of your food, that is more than a challenge, that is crucial. The longevity of your business and the reputation of your brand depend on it, and it begins with temperature control.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a food safety management system used by many different foodservice industry market segments, including schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities and independent restaurants. It lets chefs, operators, and foodservice directors control the hazardous temperature swings that can occur from food procurement to storage to production to consumption.

HACCP management is more than passing your health inspection and it’s more than having the proper tools in place, it is an operating philosophy and a commitment to protecting your customers, your business, and your brand. HACCP means keeping food safe, from farm to fork.

In the chaos defines any foodservice environment, reliable recording isn’t always easy, but it is essential. The clipboard, pencil and paper method has gone the way of rotary phone and remembering someone’s number. Technology is being advanced everyday. Developing your own HACCP plan and recording accurate temperatures is getting easier. Foodservice manufacturers make it their job to understand these types of challenges, and they develop products that help you keep recording procedures on track.

Comark is one such manufacturer. The Comark HACCP Touch Data Recorder is an effective and intuitive foodservice temperature-recording tool for anyone on your staff to use. It provides:

·      Paperless records and tamper proof data

·      Monitoring of Critical Control Points with programmed corrective actions

·      Recorded HACCP temperatures and other checklists

·      Easy Downloading to Excel™ for reports

·      Exportable data in PDF format

Make a plan and stick to it. The Comark HACCP Touch Data Recorder not only instills the discipline and process involved with basic food safety, it extends shelf life, eliminates waste, helps identify problems before they happen, improves inspection reports, oh...and your food will just taste better.

Want to keep you food safe and looking for a HACCP plan that works for you? We can help! Contact your Boelter representative today.