Bill Boelter—Chairman of the Board

Bill Boelter

As Chairman of the Board, Bill Boelter has led the Boelter Companies through far-reaching and exciting decisions. Considerable growth and significant changes have taken place in the last decade. Under his venerable guidance during this time, the Boelter Companies has become one of the largest and most well-respected foodservice distributors in the United States.

Bill has an unwavering belief in the idea that when company leaders first serve their front line associates and give them the tools they need to be more productive, the client is served best.

“When we all come together and serve,” he says, “our success will be winning hearts and providing consistently positive and memorable experiences for our customers.” This is the Boelter culture and vision. Bill, along with every Boelter Associate, lives it each and every day.

The Boelter Companies is headquartered in Waukesha, WI with offices and representation nationally.

Eric Boelter—President, Foodservice

Eric Boelter

As President of Boelter’s Foodservice division, Eric has had the unique opportunity to work with our industry’s most talented food facility designers, foodservice supply and industrial supply specialists.

“What sets these Boelter specialists apart from all the others is not what they know,” he says, “but rather the way they use their talents for the benefit of their customers’ businesses.”

Eric understands that today customers have more choices when determining where to buy supplies and equipment that keep their kitchens and facilities humming. In order to be the clear supplier of choice, he and the Boelter Foodservice team work together to provide customized solutions that truly form a strategic business fit. He removes barriers that impede our ability to react quickly to the many needs and unexpected changes that occur in foodservice, and he continues to make the necessary investments to give our frontline associates the tools they need to serve and assist our customers.

Rick Boelter—President, Boelter Beverage Group

Rick Boelter

Rick Boelter is the President of the Boelter Beverage Group. Since joining the company and heading up the division in 1992, Rick has seen constant and dramatic change in the beverage industry. He and his team consistently and uniquely meet the needs of Boelter Beverage clients and their wholesaler networks with brand-identified beverage serving products and fulfillment programs.

They continually refine their focus on the beverage industry, the strategic products that serve beverages, and the logistics of fulfilling these items into the North American market in a one-stop-shop environment.

The success of Boelter Beverage Group comes through a devotion to build a great team of associates who have a deep understanding of the beverage industry. Knowing how to serve customers and consistently make a positive difference is what truly sets the Boelter Beverage Group apart in the marketplace.