Mad Science - Mad Delicious

Mad Science

There’s something inherently fun about the words “mad science.” On their own they’re a little scary, but together, they’re pure entertainment and beg for some clowning around. Add ice cream into the mix and those words take amusement to an entirely different level—one that is full of silly, playful, and oh la la tasty. 

Funny and yummy are the things that make Mad Science Creamery the new go to treat for kids and parents. The Sussex shop is the brainchild of Owner Craig Pruscha, who says he’s just a big kid himself.

“It’s not a new concept,” Pruscha says. “They have been making ice cream with nitrogen since the 1880’s. We’re just making it a lot more interesting.”

Craig is also the mastermind behind the your-kids-are-gonna-love-it menu. Chock full of dishes like Mac n Cheese Panini and traditional Poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds), it is Wisconsin themed in the way Wisconsin themed should be—with delicious comfort all over it. There’s actually a dish that is just the Lucky Charms Marshmallows, “Because,” Pruscha explains, “Forget the cereal, everybody knows the marshmallows are the best part.”  

General Manager Tyler Shultz is the maestro of the ice cream! You’ll find him in his lab coat, behind the laser show and the smoke, bwahahaing his way through every order. Go ahead and try wiping the smile off your face.

Our own Boelter design team loved working with him to make sure the right equipment was in place to pull all the pieces together. Mad Science, which plans to expand in the near future, is the place where nitrogen and ice cream come together in a mix of special effects, theatrics, and toppings galore. Visit the Mad Science Creamery website for more information.