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Boelter Project Managment

Project Managment

Boelter’s coordinated processes will guide you in working with our design teams throughout every step of the process. Using sophisticated project management software, our Contract & Design teams maintain real-time contact with clients and other project stakeholders as challenges are met and resolved. This ensures progress is maintained so critical milestones are surpassed and your project is on time and on budget!

Interior Design

Great design is in the details. Unlike most KES dealers, Boelter has interior designers and specialists on staff to help you design, develop and customize the theme and motif of your restaurant or facility to match the vision you want to project to your clientele. Our accredited staff works with you from the initial concept boards to opening day to create a unique destination experience, delivering a proprietary design that looks great and functions well. Whether you’re planning to remodel or design a new restaurant concept, we can exceed your expectations as your strategic design resource.

Program & Schematic Design

Boelter works with your team every step of the process to define the key elements of your customized design solution. From reviewing design criteria to finalizing space requirements, configuration and traffic patterns, we’ll manage the approved design program and develop schematic plans for your food facilities. We’ll be in constant contact with you as we revise, as required, present value estimates of the project budget for equipment received, delivered, uncrated, set in place and ready for final connections to building services, all in conjunction with the general contractor.

Design Development

Once your preliminary criteria have been established, your foodservice facility design vision quickly takes shape. The design goes to the drawing board, where our CAD/BIM specialists lay out every detail in ¼” scale or 3-D walk-throughs. Equipment specifications are documented, plans are submitted to regulatory agencies for review and approval, and your final cost estimates are in hand. 

Contract Documents

When your foodservice facility design details have been approved, final contract documents are prepared. Coordinating with the project architect and engineers, the Boelter Design Team produces the complete set of foodservice equipment documents needed to proceed to the final bidding & construction phase.

Bidding & Construction

By helping you choose the right contractor for your project, the Boelter team serves as the bridge between the contractor and the architect and engineers. Drawing on our foodservice facility design and installation expertise, we coordinate your project and supervise for compliance in contract documents, managing and monitoring all the details for you.

Sustainable Kitchens

Highly skilled in developing sustainable kitchen designs, the Boelter Commercial Design Team will work with you to create a custom-tailored commercial kitchen design that’s as ecologically friendly as it is economical, reducing your utility and energy costs across the board. By incorporating energy-saving products into your design, from equipment to exhaust systems, we can help you achieve your LEED certification goals, reduce your carbon footprint and also cut costs.

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