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Energy Rebates Save You Money!

All too often, most restaurateurs leave money on the table, and it is not in the form of a tip. They do not take advantage of the easy money in filling out a rebate form from their state for purchasing selected pieces of commercial kitchen equipment, HVAC, and new LED lighting.

Let’s assume you’re remodeling your kitchen, replacing older or non-functioning equipment with new, energy-efficient appliances.

Consider this list of equipment:

• 1 36” gas fired griddle

• 2 15” gas fired fryers

• 1 compact combi oven stacked on a convection oven

• 2 heated holding cabinets

• 1 two-section reach-in refrigerator

• 1 two section reach-in freezer

• 1 500-lb ice machine

• 1 door-type commercial warewasher

This bundle of commercial kitchen equipment would be valued at just over $37,000. But what many forget is the total rebates available to you for the purchase above represents anywhere from a 6-7% price reduction! Depending on the pricing you and your dealer procure, that’s like getting a convection oven or a fryer free! Coupled with the multiple purchase bonuses provided for buying 2 or more pieces, you save even more. Including lighting and HVAC, the savings grow.

Here’s the link to Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy site:

Your commercial equipment dealer, like Boelter, is your partner in helping you stretch your equipment budget. They are experts in selecting and helping you install all the equipment listed above; they can even help you with the paperwork.

Purchasing before the year end is also a great move on your part. Don’t leave money on the table, call Boelter today! 800.BOELTER or (800.263.5838).