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Biodegradable Foam Cups—A Foodservice Reality

Wincup Cups

Foodservice operators know that disposable products are a reflection of their sustainability efforts. Intent is no longer enough. More and more, customers want to see your environmental responsibility plans in action, and to go containers are typically what they see first.

The battle to eliminate Styrofoam from landfills has been on for decades. While entire cities have taken to banning its use completely, the search for an acceptable alternative continues to expand. Foodservice operators are switching to recyclable plastics, cardboard and paper, but many still love foam. Foam containers, are inexpensive, durable, great insulators and easy to transport. On the other hand, paper, plastic and cardboard tend to be more expensive, heavier to ship and they require more energy to produce.

The win-win container has been hard to find…until now.

Enter, “the cup that has it all.” WinCup® has recently introduced Vio™, the world’s first biodegradable foam. Using proprietary technology, Vio has the foodservice world rethinking foam. It looks and functions like the Styrofoam of yesterday, but testing has shown it to be so much more. Vio cups biodegrade 83.3% after 1154 days under conditions that simulate a wetter, biologically active landfill, using the ASTM D5511 test. (Note: stated rate and extent of biodegradation do not mean that the product will continue to decompose).

Vio provides the same performance foodservice operators love about foam—superior insulation, light weight and leak and moisture resistant—and it provides a sustainability victory for your operation, your customers and the environment.

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