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Cambro, Intermetro, Eagle/Metalmaster, Centaur Logos

In the foodservice industry, keeping food stored properly can seem like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t need to. Implementing safe and effective food storage policies in your operation, and ensuring your staff follows them, is critical to the longevity of your business. Boelter is here to help. Safe storage goes beyond refrigeration units and freezers. Avoiding cross contamination and keeping ingredients fresh means keeping them in the right containers, in the right place, and using them at the right time. Boelter offers a wide variety of metal, plastic, free-standing and wall mounted shelving units that are perfect for refrigeration, freezer, or dry storage areas. We can also help you find an airtight container and labeling system that will promote FIFO practices, reduce the risk of introducing harmful bacteria, and enable your staff to easily identify product.

Cambro, Intermetro, Eagle/Metalmaster, Centaur