Doughnuts—They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Fractured Prune

Doughnuts—They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

If you haven’t heard of Fractured Prune Doughnuts, not to worry, you will. Adding a new twist to an old favorite, Fractured Prune serves their doughnuts up hot, hand dipped and made to order. Yes, that’s correct doughnut lovers, made to order. Say goodbye to finding yourself on Saturday morning, staring at rows and rows of long johns, jelly doughnuts and crullers. Thanks to Fractured Prune, the world of doughnuts is getting better, bigger and brighter.

Named after local legend, Prunella Shriek, who had a penchant for getting herself injured, Fractured Prune Doughnuts has been a part of the fabric of Ocean City, Maryland for since 1976. Lucky for us, Dan Brinton III, CEO, and his partner, Alan Herbert, COO, have decided to share this gem with the rest of the world. 

The doughnuts are made fresh all day every day, while more than a dozen different glazes and different topping wait to be chosen. Here’s the best part. You do the choosing. There’s no wrong way to make your doughnut delicious. Wonderfully wacky is what makes it all work. Caramel, bacon and sea salt? Go for it. Orange, cinnamon & sugar? Why not? A simple honey glaze and coating of rainbow sprinkles? Absolutely. Creativity and deliciousness know no bounds at the Fractured Prune. Each doughnut is made on the spot and served to you hot. 

Not in a creative mood? That’s okay, too. Fractured Prune has plenty of great specialty doughnuts to choose from. Everything from salted caramel, to s’more, to black forest and banana cream pie are handmade, hand dipped and ready to be enjoyed upon your order. Or if you prefer, you’re welcome to enjoy the “Plain Jane,” the hot cake doughnut, straight up.  

With franchises signing all the time, if you don’t have a Fractured Prune near you already, odds are, you will soon. New stores are opening at an exciting and delicious pace. 

During the past year or so, we at Boelter have been lucky enough to be a part of the Fractured Prune creative process. In order to develop the Fractured Prune brand at an efficient pace, operators needed a company like Boelter to help them put the pieces into place. Working with Dan and Alan, our team has helped Fractured Prune develop a turnkey store opening package. Everything from kitchen design, to interior design, to equipment, to custom fabrication and custom boxes has been taken care of. Smallwares packages and food ordering mechanisms are also in place so the franchisee can hit the ground running. Our team truly enjoys helping franchisees navigate the first steps of their exciting new business venture.

Fractured Prune. Delicious. Interactive. Custom. Fresh. Fun. Colorful. Smart. Watch for one in your neighborhood.