Does Your Coffee Service Need a Little Perk?

Franke Coffee Systems

Does Your Coffee Service Need a Little Perk?

It's true; nothing is better than a delicious cup of coffee, any time of day or night, any place, any time of year. Just ask the millions of people who frequent millions of coffee houses, paying premium prices, every day. Adding a specialty coffee—espresso, cappuccino, or latte—to your menu is a great way to satisfy your customers while increasing sales.

It’s not just a cup of joe, though, and not everyone is a barista. Making the perfect coffee drink has been elevated to an art form. Making sure your staff can deliver, every time, is easier than you think.     

A powerhouse in the industry, Franke Coffee Systems are designed with the restaurateur, the grocer, the self-service cafeteria, and the country club manager in mind. They are super automatic espresso machines. “Super automatic” means that you don’t need a staff of trained baristas. Franke systems can be operated by anyone with the touch of a button. 

Here are a few key ingredients that set these elite performers apart from the rest: 

  • No matter where it is, behind your bar or on a display in your grocery store, it has to look pretty. Just under 13” wide and 24” deep, The Evolution ASP (Autosteam Pro) offers a very small and manageable footprint. The glass operating unit and ultramodern design are at once, impressive, tasteful, ergonomic and stylish.
  • Every palate is different. Espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and specialty drinks are a must these days. The FoamMaster™ lets you program up to 32 different beverages with coffee and/or milk. Large graphic displays, and a multitude of preset buttons, including beverage size and type of milk, make this unit versatile and easy to use.  From the grinding of the beans, to the tamping of the grounds, to the pouring of the milk, to the adding of the flavor, drinks are prepared automatically with the touch of a button. 
  • Guests feast with their eyes first, and frothy is fabulous. Adding the Evolution Autosteam Pro automates your beverage system, and gives your staff the ability to foam milk manually. Pamper your guests with personal creations, and let them see the art of excellent coffee making.
  • It better be easy to clean. The FoamMaster™ and the Evolution ASP both have automatic rinsing and cleaning programs, reducing daily maintenance and saving time and money. HACCP conformity is guaranteed. 

Get ready to achieve the artisan effect! 

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your Boelter Representative today!