Greenfield Schools-Case Study

Greenfield Schools

Greenfield Schools-Case Study

What does it take to serve 600 meals in 13 minutes? Planning. Execution. Dedication. And Love. 

Perhaps no one knows this better than Jean Krause, Food Service Director at the School District of Greenfield. When she told me they serve close to 3000 meals a day and 1400 a la carte purchases, in less than 2 ½ hours a day, I expected to see chaos everywhere. Instead, what I saw were perfectly choreographed staff and students—like something right out of the ballet. Jean has been in the school food service world for decades. She knows what it takes to provide a seamless meal program, every day. She and her delightful staff are dedicated to providing their students with the best product.  “That’s what it’s all about,” Jean says. “We need to serve meals the students are going to enjoy.” 

Let’s face it; elementary school and high school have not changed that much, kids still love lunchtime. In order to pull it off successfully, school administrators, foodservice directors, kitchen staff, and students, must establish a partnership, with each other and outside representatives. Working with Steve Stern at the Boelter Companies, Jean and her colleagues in Greenfield were able to design not one, but two kitchens that fit the meal time dance like a glove. Placement of ovens and steam tables not only keeps the students flowing in a timely fashion, it also minimizes the amount of movements the kitchen staff need to make, which helps speed up service. The kitchen redesigns also reflects a dedication to nutrition. There are no fryers to be found, but there are several steamers, a tilt kettle, and a full-size, roll-in Combi oven. Boelter’s Anne Stern keeps the school supplied with smallwares. With all of these pieces of equipment in place, the staff is able to offer healthy options without sacrificing time or flavor.  The design layouts—from the point of entry, to the six different points of sale—keeps everything and everybody moving along swiftly and efficiently.  

School lunch is not what it used to be. For starters, there are choices. Gone are the days of pizza, pizza...or pizza. The Greenfield meal program is dedicated to providing students with healthy, nutritious, and fun options. There hot items, and cold, grab-n-go meals, and build your own everything from breakfast, to salad, pasta and potato bars, added to that are healthy snacks and desserts. Oh, and a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables.  As Jean says, “The folks at the Greenfield School District run the biggest, fastest restaurant in town.” It is very much like a restaurant. It’s certainly leaps and bounds better than the school lunch this blogger remembers. At Greenfield High, lunch looks and smells delicious. I was hard pressed not to grab a tray and get in line.