The Lights Are On...Make Sure Somebody’s Home

No Cost Lighting Tips

The Lights Are On...Make Sure Somebody’s Home

Welcome to part four of our four part series about money saving tips on sanitation, food safety, refrigeration and lighting. Today we’re tackling lighting. 

Lighting is a key ingredient when it comes to commercial restaurant design—in the front of the house, and in the back. Architects and designers consider everything from image, to surface finishes, to visibility, to use of space. It can accent your operation’s personality, and it can provide an intimate and inviting atmosphere for your customers. Whether your establishment is a cafeteria, a coffee shop, or a fine dining restaurant, lighting sets the mood.

Understanding your lighting, inside and out—from bulbs and fixtures, to placement and procedures—can help you train your staff, save energy, and save money.   

Did you know? 

Compact fluorescents (CFL) consume 75-80% less energy than incandescent. Wherever possible, replace incandescent lights with fluorescent lights that produce the same amount of light while using 25% of the energy. 

Here are a few more simple tips that can help you keep the costs done and the savings up:

  • Turn off lights when not needed, especially signs, menu boards, decorative and soft-lit lights. Also, turn off lights in storage areas, break rooms, walk-ins and restrooms.
  • Keep bulbs, lamp fixtures and diffusers clean.
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary interior, exterior and parking lot lighting when the establishment is closed.
  • Make sure lighting controllers are working and properly programmed.
  • Turn off exhaust hood lights when the equipment below them is turned off.

Looking for more ideas on how to save money and make your restaurant more energy efficient? Stay tuned to www.boelter.com, or call your Boelter Representative today.