How to Improve Efficiencies Behind Your Bar

How to Improve Efficiencies Behind Your Bar

Bars can be an incredible revenue source for your restaurant; you create many of your highest-margin products there. From mixed drinks to beer to wine, bars can be the money-makers in your business–if they're managed well and working efficiently.

Move toward sustainable bartending

Sustainable bartending involves focusing on techniques that make the most out of the ingredients and materials your bartenders use, how your bar is set up, and the effect that these acts have on the environment. Not only can this impact your bottom line positively by causing less waste, but it can also endear you to more consumers. Sustainability is a key concern to consumers in the age range of 22-37 (Millennials) when they're making purchase decisions.

Sustainable bartending begins with developing drinks and other menu items that utilize more of the same materials, which streamlines your ingredient needs. Read these tips from Australian Bartender to get started.

Encourage zero-step bartending

Zero-step bartending encourages better use of space, making a bar area more profitable, according to Perlick. In their words, this bartending method is all about "giving bartenders the ability to create everything in a single space without stepping around behind the bar." Efficient use of the room in a restaurant bar can have a direct positive impact on your bottom line.


Organize bar materials well

Better organization leads to more efficient operation, better training and easier shift changes. Also, bartenders can create drinks at a faster pace while remaining focused on the important part of your business: your customers.

Find equipment that enhances the experience and your efficiency

When it comes to your business, technology is meant to make life easier and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Having the latest bar equipment, with the latest technology, is a measurable way to drive profits.

As an example, if you're serving cocktails that require different types of ice cubes, a dispenser that creates the kinds of ice you need, all within arm's reach, can allow your staff to create high-priced specialty drinks at a quicker pace.

Alternatively, a well-designed speed rail can take any guesswork out of mixed drinks for your bartenders. Solving space conflicts and maximizing liquor storage helps your staff work more efficiently, making you more money in the same amount of time. View our top-selling bar supplies.

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