Equal Parts Ingenuity and Inspiration in Hospitality Design

With a visceral understanding of how foodservice and beverage establishments truly work, Boelter mixes ingenuity with inspiration when providing commercial kitchen design and equipment for a new kitchen or bar. Details matter – we consider every element, every placement, and every process to ensure it aligns with your overall purpose.

Foodservice Design Flow and Rhythm

In today’s ever-changing landscape, food and beverage operators need to consider the multi-faceted and distinctly unique flow and rhythm requirements of their venues. Boelter fully understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding a successful operational flow and rhythm. Our team is ready to help optimize your workflow and productivity through a smart and strategic foodservice design.

The “Ingredients” Matter

Whether you require a new construction or remodel, Boelter will collaborate with you and optimize your project through:

The ingredients that contribute to any successful business matter. Let Boelter help you find the right recipe for your venue.

Learn more in our commercial kitchen design article and our foodservice design guide.

Dining space at The Green

“I am so pleased with the final result of our kitchen design. We went back and forth with Adam [Goodloe] through multiple design iterations to figure out exactly how to place the golf simulators while allowing enough room for all the storage area needed for refrigerators and freezers. Not only is the layout creative and efficient in the tight space allowed, but Adam was so patient and accommodating to our wishes through the whole process.”



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Our Work

With over 90 years of experience working with emerging brands and established chains, we understand the entire development process in foodservice design.


The Right Commercial Kitchen Design Partner

The foodservice business is nuanced and complex. How do we know? Because we have been immersed in the industry for 90+ years.

At Boelter, our exceptional combination of experience and expertise, alongside our top-quality products and comprehensive capabilities, prepares us to meet your individual challenges from the very start of our partnership.


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