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Giving back to our communities is important to the Boelter family and fundamental to our Boelter company culture. For over 90 Years, this culture and attitude of stewardship has grown from a deeply held conviction that all we have, our talents, our hard work, our opportunities and prosperity are gifts from God, and our response is to humbly give back from the heart. We are blessed to be able to support many great causes each year both within our local communities and in support of our customers and partners across the country. Boelter Community Table combines these philanthropic efforts into one program.

The name Community Table comes from the idea of communal dining which is the coming together of people from different backgrounds to spend time together and share a meal. This idea embodies the core values of Boelter including passion, collaboration, respect, building relationships and having fun. It is with these beliefs that we support the following elements of the Boelter Community Table program.

Annual Cause

Each year Boelter picks a non-profit organization to get behind. It is something that is near and dear to Boelter and is selected by Rick Boelter, Eric Boelter and the BeOne Committee. Throughout the year the BeOne committee raises money for this cause through associate events across all our offices. Each fall Boelter hosts a charity golf outing which is the largest contributor to our annual cause. In recent years we have been able to raise over $30K for our annual cause through the generosity of our associates and business partners.

Some of the annual causes Boelter has supported in the past include:

  • St. Augustine Prep Academy (K-12) in Milwaukee, WI. Parnassus Prep School (K-12) in Maple Grove, MN. Penta Career Center (High School + Adult) in Toledo, OH. Burr Elementary School (K-8) in Chicago, IL. and North Metro Academy of Performing Arts (K-5) in Atlanta, GA. (2024)
  • Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Cherry Street Mission in Toledo, OH and CEAP (Community Emergency Assistance Program) in Minneapolis, MN (2023)
  • Special Spaces (2022)
  • National Restaurant Association’s Restaurants Advance (2021)
  • Milwaukee Rescue Mission (2019)
  • Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (2018)

Customer and Partner Causes

Supporting our customers and partners in their passions is central to Boelter’s purpose. We are often asked to make monetary or in-kind product donations for causes that are important to our customers and business partners. This is a portion of our overall giving each year.

Shown are students of St. Marcus Ministries School in Milwaukee, WI

Boelter Family Foundational Giving

Boelter and the Boelter family contribute to a fund that is reserved for longer term giving commitments as well as one-time gifts to charitable organizations we support over and above our Annual Giving programs. Many of these campaigns are related to wellness and education in our community including St. Marcus School in Milwaukee, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, as well as Junior Achievement, the Milwaukee Symphony and our Performing Arts Center.

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