Centene, Natomas Crossing

Centene, Natomas Crossing

Sacramento, CA


Equipment Supply & Installation

Founded in 1984, Centene has more than three decades of experience operating government-sponsored programs. They have become the largest Medicaid Managed Care Organization in the country, the largest carrier on the Health Insurance Marketplace and a leader in managed long-term services and support. Working with the healthcare programs of the Department of Defense has also positioned Centene as one of the nation's largest providers of managed care services for military families and veterans.


In 2019, Debi Unterseher (Boelter Sales), Matthew Norris (Project Manager, Boelter) and Angi Prows (Project Coordinator) began the planning, development and installation of Centene’s high-end corporate kitchen and cafeteria dining facility, located within the Sacramento, California office space. Construction of this new kitchen and dining area continued throughout 2020, and the project was completed in early 2021.


Debi and her team understood that efficiency and an expected high volume of food preparation would be a top priority for Centene’s kitchen staff. In addition to a variety of unique fabrication designs, the various kitchen equipment that was procured and installed included high-end combi-ovens, blast chillers, Vulcan convection ovens, Traulsen refrigeration units and a state-of-the-art, showcase pizza oven.

The attention to detail that specifically addressed the customer’s needs also extended into the cafeteria’s dining space. Before the project concluded, additional work went into the development of an available corporate café, coffee bar and exposition cooking space; designed to immerse the Centene staff into a more inviting and overall entertaining dining experience.


As we have come to expect, working within the confines and logistical restraints of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has provided its own unique set of difficulties and setbacks. Being able to adapt and make the necessary changes when needed is what sets Boelter aside from the competition. Although not yet open to Centene employees due to ongoing health concerns, the new corporate dining space will eventually provide an option for the entire Sacramento Centene workforce to order from a variety of healthy food options and experience a comfortable and engaging cafeteria.

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