Chrysler Food Court

Chrysler Food Court

Detroit, MI

Food Truck Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Boelter has partnered with Compass on numerous food service jobs, averaging 15-20/year over the past 10+ years. However, this was the first design initiative with Compass that focused on a food truck. It was both an opportunity to extend and further solidify an already strong relationship, as well as be involved in what was certain to become one of the more interesting and unique projects to date.

Most food trucks vent their installed cooking appliances directly into the air where they operate and conduct business. Due to the fact that this Street Eats food truck would be functioning and serving food inside the Chrysler cafeteria, extra steps were taken to ensure proper safety codes were stringently observed. This included the removal of any and all gas-based equipment, as well as the assurance that all cooking appliances inside the food truck were accurately installed and delivered the proper levels of ventilation.

Over the course of approximately a four month period, Boelter and Compass worked closely to identify the vision, plan out and refine the details, and locate and obtain the perfect vehicle in order to bring this project to life. It was a learning experience for everyone involved and one that demanded a heightened sense of creativity and thinking outside the normal foundations of what has historically been considered when developing a food truck.

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