The Kinley Hotel


Chattanooga, TN

Bar Design, Equipment Supply & Installation

Located on the Southside of Chattanooga, the Kinley Hotel has become the destination for adventures both big and small. Guests of the hotel have an opportunity to experience the local community’s art, culture and entertainment. Some of the city's more premier attractions include the famous Tennessee Aquarium and Rock City, as well as a number of dining options found along Main Street, each offering their own take on local cuisine and dining.

Kinley Hotel bar

It’s absolutely true what they say about first impressions. When done right, they can last a lifetime. Leaning on this philosophy, and taking inspiration from Tobin Ellis – a veteran bartender that has spent the last 20+ years innovating the bartending, hospitality and nightlife experience – the Kinley Hotel approached the design of their individual bar areas with an eye for detail. Steve Austin, Boelter’s Project Manager, with assistance from Brent Daniel, Boelter’s CAD/Revit designer, embraced the idea of service efficiency and worked closely with both Kinley Management and the Vision Hospitality Group to develop an engaging and memorable bar experience.

Near the front, where customers routinely check-in, is Kinley Hotel’s coffee bar; an area that seamlessly converts to a more traditional bar as the day goes on. The Kinley Hotel’s second bar acts as an engaging speakeasy, complete with front entrance pocket doors thematically disguised to replicate bookshelves and conceal the interior from patrons passing by. Both bars, whether serving hot beverages or elegant cocktails, focus on efficiency and flow for the staff that manage them.

Bartending can be a backbreaking job, leaning over the bar for hours at a time, working in a confined space and serving an endless stream of guests. Steve Austin was able to develop both of the Kinley Hotel bar areas to better accommodate for more conducive workspaces. Access to ice is closer to the bar rail where drinks are crafted. All of the individual bar tools and support items are within arms-reach. Backbar coolers are strategically placed directly behind the bartender, making it quicker to select, pour and serve a variety of draft beers. Every square foot of each of the Kinley Hotel bars are accounted for and designed to ensure the staff are just as happy as the customers they are serving.

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