4 Tips for Holiday Beer Glassware


The holiday ale season is always here before we know it!

Long before you unpack tinsel and lights, the time is right to order holiday glassware.

Here are 4 holiday branded glassware decorating tips to help put you in the festive spirit.

1. Frost the custom pint glass without really frosting the glass

Avid craft beer drinkers know not to place their printed glasses in a freezer. However, there's a new way to frost a glass that won't detract from your beer's flavor: spray frosting. It creates a frosted look on the entire printed glass–or it can be applied in patterns and shapes. Snowflakes, anyone? Spray frosted designs add a wonderful upscale touch to any glass style.

You can also overprint colorful holiday decorations and icons on a spray frosted beer glass. It adds depth and character, which may be just the ticket for your beer. Your options are virtually limitless–without compromising taste.

2. Silver and gold trim is fit for holiday printed glass

Ever since Burl Ives charmed us with "Silver and Gold," these colors have been synonymous with the holidays. So it makes perfect sense to trim your branded glass with a silver or gold band! It’s elegant, classy and refined. Combined with other printing techniques, it can top off the ultimate holiday glass design.

3. UV printing makes your beer glassware merry and bright

Printing on customized glasses isn’t what it used to be. Thanks to UV inks, colors are more lively and vibrant. The holidays are a bright and cheery time of year. Match your custom pint glasses to the spirit of the season by printing with UV inks. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make!

4. Clark Griswold would print 8 colors, and so can you!

We’re not suggesting you wrap your customized glasses in Christmas lights – although that would present a new range of possibilities! But no longer are you limited to 4 colors for your printed glasses. Believe it or not, you can print beer glassware today using up to 8 colors! Adding PMS colors to traditional 4-color printing makes your beer glasswarecolorful and brilliant, just like the Griswold abode.

These are just a few ideas to stir your creativity. Contact us today to make your holiday glassware wishes come true!

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