An Inside Look at Pairing Beer With Branded Glass


Your beer is made with the highest quality ingredients, an enormous amount of time, and the heart and soul of your brewmaster. Customized glasses are a dynamic way to complete the ensemble and compliment your product, build your brand image, and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Printed glasses aren’t just promotional tools. Shape and design play an integral role in enhancing the flavor and aroma of your brew, so you can give beer and spirits aficionados the perfect experience—and another worthy reason to choose you.

Types of Custom Beer Glasses

A Guide to Pairing Beer with Glassware

It’s no surprise that the countless amounts of beer types and styles have led to a large, diverse range of customized glasses for beer. After all, the right branded glass not only boosts your beer’s perceived value, but helps retain its aroma and flavor for an overall improved drinking experience. 

But choosing the right customized beer glass can get confusing—somewhat like a beer glass puzzle. Here’s a cheat sheet we’ve created to help you pair the right drink with the proper printed glass. Together, we’ll guarantee you’re enhancing each beer’s unique aroma, striking look and distinctive flavor to the max!

How to Choose the Right Customized Glasses

Choosing the right branded glass for your beer-and brand.

There’s no doubt pairing beer with the customizable beer glass is of utmost importance, but what does that mean when it comes to your brand—how do you make sure people are drinking your beer? The first step may be choosing the right glass style, but branding and presentation are next to give you the perfect customized glasses.

Here are 3 branded glass secrets for making sure your beer is the brew of choice.

1. Elevate your aesthetic with stemmed glasses

Your beer deserves a pedestal, or at least a stemmed goblet, snifter or Belgian tulip glass. Stems that lift your beer off the table above the others, give it the perfect visual presentation, especially when vivid colors and the aromas of harvest ales are on tap. And stemmed glasses aren’t just for Belgian ales, imperial and double IPAs, porters, stouts, and other strong aromatic beers. We have plenty of European stemmed glasses to present pilsners, and even lagers, in an upscale light showcasing color, clarity and carbonation like other stemware.


2. Maintain a foamy head with laser etching

Craft connoisseurs savor every sip, and drink by sight as much as they do by smell and taste. They are in no hurry to finish your beer, nor do you want them to be. For this reason, retaining a foamy head is essential for the optimal tasting experience. Off the shelf goblets and Belgian tulip glasses hold better head retention by design, but the secret to longer retention is laser etching on the inside bottom of the glass. It’s a process called nucleation that accelerates the release of CO2 in your beer. This, in turn, increases effervescence boosting aroma and flavor and, ultimately, prolongs head retention.

3. Design a branded glass that represents your beer

Each printed glass style is truly made to promote a beer style’s unique complexities. What it’s not manufactured to do is promote your brand. That’s where customized glasses come in. Think of the striking Stella Artois custom beer glasses or Sierra Nevada’s and Dogfish Head’s famed IPA glass—memorable designs that make mistaking their brew impossible.

But you don’t have to create custom beer glasses from scratch to promote your brand. Boelter gives you carte blanche over choosing the right branded glass for you, complete with every style of upscale stemmed glasses mentioned above and more.

The Art of Pouring Beer

Flavor starts with the perfect pour. Pouring beer is all about creating that perfect foam on top (“head”) for a flavorful tasting experience. Whether pouring from a bottle, can, or tap, here are the steps for the perfect pour.

1. Start with a clean branded glass. Any oil, dirt or residuals will foul flavor and inhibit head creation.

2. Hold the glass at a 45º angle, aiming to pour the beer into the middle of the custom pint glass.

3. When you reach the halfway point, bring the printed glass to a 90º angle and then aim for the middle of the glass. When finished, the head should ideally be 1"-1 1/2".

Tips: Head creation directly relates to your pour speed, angle and distance. For example—too much head means you poured too fast or at too great a distance. Not enough head means you either poured too slowly or at too steep an angle without tilting it upright.

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