Sustainability as a Distillery and Brewery Supplier


Sustainability is fast becoming one of those buzzwords that brands want to claim to earn instant credibility with customers. At Boelter, we know you want honesty and transparency when it comes to the things you value, including sustainably decorated beer glassware, custom promotional products, and more. As an added bonus, you can extend this piece of mind to your customers who are looking for eco-friendly custom merch.

Consumers value sustainability in a brewery supplier more than ever

There was a period when craft brewers and distillers entered the marketplace proudly boasting of their sustainable practices. They were reclaiming water, recycling heat, repurposing spent grain, and so on. Consumers appreciated this, but they were frankly more excited by the fact that you were local.

That is changing! Drinkers now have plenty of local choices for beer as well as spirits, so other factors become real differentiators. In consumer studies, sustainability has gone from a nice perk to a key purchase consideration.

The big takeaway from studies on sustainability is that consumers increasingly want brands to practice it — and are willing to pay more for branded merchandise and customized glasses that are sustainably produced.

Sustainable branded merchandise

We're always looking for ways to increase our sustainability practices so you can honestly say you're environmentally conscious down to the ink on your customized glasses.

Our custom merch experts can help you plot out a holistic sustainability plan for your tasting room.

An Eco-Friendly Brewery Supplier Partner

We have a network of branded merchandise suppliers whose practices and products align with your sustainability goals, including:

Ball Aluminum Cups – Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials, and Ball is a leader when it comes to customized cups. With an exclusive program for orders as low as (1) case, we offer custom cups at an affordable price.

Hydro Flask and MiiRHydro Flask uses recycled materials for many of its products and packages, and MiiR is a B Corp that makes recyclable stainless steel products. We’re proud to offer custom merch from both brands, including metal drinkware, soft-sided coolers, and more

Sustainable Custom Merch

Customized Glasses – We offer a full line of UV organic inks for screen and digitally printed glasses. They are high-quality but contain no heavy metals and are biodegradable.

Reusable Drinkware – Our Ball aluminum cups and stainless steel drinkware keep more plastic out of landfills.

Greenware Customized Cups – Made from domestically grown plants, not petroleum, and 100% industrially compostable, our custom cups offer a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional options

Custom Coasters – Pulpboard coasters use vegetable-based inks that are nontoxic. They are recyclable and biodegradable and available in standard square or round as well as custom shapes.

Sustainable Custom Merch – We have a range of buckets and trays to custom cups and caddies made from post-consumer resin (PCR), meaning less plastic ends up in the trash. Don’t forget to ask about eco-friendly branded merchandise like coolies, umbrellas, event gear, and more.

Customized Signage – Wood signs can look classic or very modern and are a visual representation of a sustainability mindset. Our leons and custom led signage are a great, eco-friendly alternative to traditional custom bar signs as well.


You pay attention to details when it comes to sustainable practices in your brewhouse and distillery — our branded merchandise experts can help you extend those practices from the production facility and into your tasting or tap room.
As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, it’s more important for custom merch partners like us to be thoughtful and thorough in our eco-friendly practices.
To find the right sustainable custom promotional products for your brewery or distillery, contact one of our brewery supplier experts today.

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