Types of Takeout Containers - To Go Containers for Off Site Dining


Restaurant takeout containers are in high demand due to the enormous influx of off-premise dining. Takeout and to-go options have been trending up for some time, and it's worthwhile to consider embracing what guests are moving towards. Manufacturers have continued to be innovative with new packaging offerings including a variety of different styles, shapes, colors, and materials. Now there are more choices than ever for to go containers, and it's ideal to use packaging that matches your food and drinks offering with both functionality and style. Reviewing your menu is a great place to start when looking at all your takeout packaging options. Offering sushi? You absolutely want packaging with a clear lid to show off the beauty and freshness of your product. Offering soups and curries? Don't let it leak out through an unsealed container. Food on the go is an easy choice for customers, but keep in mind they are expecting the same quality of food as they would get in your establishment. Choosing the right take out containers for your food can help to prolong and maintain the flavors and freshness until they get home.

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Takeout containers to consider for your operation:

Eco-Friendly Takeout Containers - Choose between a variety of more sustainable packaging, including biodegradable and compostable packaging as well recycled materials packaging, and reusable to go containers. These options help to express your values to your customers and commitment to reduce your footprint. These green alternatives serve as a great way to transport food and lessen the impact of disposables on the environment.

Foil Takeout Containers  - Foil take out containers are a great option for food that needs to stay hot. Foil helps to insure that food maintains a warm temperature all the way to it's destination. Aluminum containers also can help to prevent moisture from sinking in, so food can be refrigerated longer. They come in circular and rectangular styles that work well for food prep, storage and takeout.

Plastic Takeout Containers  - Clear plastic is a great option to show off your freshly prepared food and make a great impression when it comes out of the bag. These containers are ideal for serving a variety of foods on the go and the crystal clarity provides easy visibility of the food inside. Plastic to go containers are a perfect solution for sealing in freshness and for maintaining temperature of recently prepared food. Some options are microwavable which pleases guests with leftovers. These containers come in a great variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

Deli Containers - Deli containers are perfect for carrying cold items that need heating when taken home. They also work great for hot and liquid like items such as curry's, soups, and sauces. These clear plastic containers can have hinged lids or fully remove-able lids. They are also great if you sell some of your menu items from a deli to-go!

Paper Takeout Containers - Paper takeout containers are easy open and close for efficiency in take-out food service. There are numerous sizes that vary in depth so you can box up anything from desserts to entrees. Paper takeout boxes are a flexible and durable option for any establishment.

Tamper Evident To Go Containers - Gaining popularity, tamper evident containers have a seal that needs to be broken in order for the container to be opened. It's easy for staff and guests to ensure the safety of the product when the seal is fully in place. They are also helpful in preventing any leaks from food within the containers.

Foam Takeout Containers - Foam takeout containers are perfect for keeping food at the preferred serving temperature. Made of insulated foam, these containers will keep hot food hot and cold food cold. In addition, the versatility of these containers allows them use for prepackaged or freshly served foods. These containers and lids are perfect for side orders to-go, for leftovers and doggy bags, as well as serving sauces or gravies that need to stay hot.

Retail Takeout Containers - Retail takeout containers covers a large variety of different styles of products. Everything from containers to hold whole pies and boxes for cake, to coffee and soup to go containers. Depending on your operation and the items you offer to go, there is great packaging we can provide to transport food and drinks where they need to be!

Catering & To Go Bowls - Catering and to go bowls are essential for restaurants that offer catering or take large group orders and offer family dining. Made of durable and heavy weight plastic, these catering containers are a must have disposable option to get your product from point A to point B. These containers come in numerous sizes, shapes, styles and even different textures.

Portion and Souffle Cups & Lids - Essential for sauces, dips, dressings and more, these portion sized cups come in paper or plastic with choices for lids. They are the best way for customers to receive their favorite condiments on the side without interfering with the rest of their food. They also offer a great way to control portions and increase efficiency when someone orders more of a condiment.

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