Gang Run Coaster Program




January • March • May
July • September • November



February • April • June
August • October • December

How does it work?

Each month, we rotate back and forth between round and square options

and collect orders through the 21st for delivery the following month.

To participate, all prints must be 4-color process with 50,000 piece minimum order quantity.

Custom branded coasters

Orders are accepted throughout the month leading up to the 21st.

Any orders received after that will be grouped with the next order for that shape (square or round).

Please note that shapes alternate by month.

Medium weight coasters ONLY. All prints must be 4 color process.

MOQ is 50,000 coasters. All orders must be in increments of 50,000.

Orders with proofs approved by PO date will ship within 20 business days.

Sleeve count must be 125. Case count must be 1,000.

Up to 5% overs billable.


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