Boelter is the leading source of the most dynamic and eye-catching beer tap handles in the market. Now available in wood and resin, our custom beer taps are synonymous with superior quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

When a customer scans the beer taps at a bar, you have about 15 seconds to catch their attention. Our bold, beautiful tap handles promise a quality experience.

Custom Tap Handles

As your brand partner, Boelter works with you to find the right custom tap handle for your brand and budget. 

  • Most styles are made in the USA and offer quick turnaround
  • Handmade, proprietary process for superior durability with a 100% guarantee
  • Large selection of house shapes, finials, and ferrules - custom tap handles also available
  • Collaborative art department for custom art and tap handle design
Ceramic tap handles

Wood and Resin Beer Taps

Wood and resin tap handles are a popular choice for the beverage industry because of their combination of durability and aesthetics. Our beer tappers have presence and grace that catch customers’ eyes from all the way across the room. 

With our range of house tap handle shapes and our custom design team, you can get the right beer taps for your brand. Our manufacturing process creates maximum durability and strength so your custom tap handles will look amazing pour after pour.

  • Direct printing is available on tap handle styles with a flat surface
  • Standard and premium decals are printed for all other shapes and can be made to be removable or permanent

House Tap Handle Shapes

We have a wide range of house tap handle shapes always in stock. Just mix and match the features you want (shape, finial, and/or ferrule) and approve the artwork. Order minimums start at (20) pieces.

Custom Beer Tap Handles

Got something in mind that's not a house shape? As your partner, we will work with you to design and produce a custom tap handle shape that is just right for your brand. Order minimums for our custom tap handle orders begin at (50) pieces.

Quick Turn Tap Handle Program

Need custom tap handles fast? Choose from our selection of in stock tap handles and your order of  beer taps or more will ship quickly after art approval.

Explore your choices of QuickTurn tap handles.

Tap Handle Options for Any Concept or Budget

Our customizable tap handle options give you more creative control while also holding advantages for small orders or limited run labels. Ask about removable decals and special finishes, including chalkboard options.

In-House Custom Tap Handle Designers

Don't worry if you don't have a design or any artwork— our art department is at your service. We will take you through a proven process to design a custom beer tap that suits the look and feel of your brand.

Best of all: Art design service is included for all custom tap handle orders!

The process is simple:

1) Our art department works with you to design the tap handle shape and artwork that best compliments your visual brand.

2) We take you (quickly) through several stages of art approval, including a 2D mockup and a 3D-printed prototype.

3) We start producing tap handles and ship most orders within 4 to 6 weeks.

Beer Tap Handle Design Basics

Our artists consider many factors, but you can expect us to hold to certain tap handle design fundamentals:

Make the style clear

Don't make the customer work too hard to read the beer tapper and figure out what kind of beer they're ordering.

Establish a consistent brand

The customer should always be able to look at your custom tap handle and know they're ordering your beer.

Be legible from a distance

Tap handles should stand out like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower  to get customers' attention.

Use contrasting colors

This isn't the time for subtlety! People can read contrasting colors on custom beer taps more easily than similar ones.

Choose a unique or custom shape

A unique tap handle can become as iconic as the rest of your brand.

Contact us today to find the perfect custom tap handle.

Contact us today to find the perfect custom tap handle.