Product Perspective: Hobart Dishmachines

Product Perspective: Hobart Dishmachines

As more and more states adopt ENERGY STAR regulations across an ever-increasing list of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances, individual operators have been realizing the program’s benefits for some time. One such example can be seen with the commercial dishmachines developed by Hobart. Designed to decrease overall water and energy use, save money for the foodservice operator and provide a reduction in greenhouse gases and other pollutants, Hobart has been developing premium foodservice equipment for almost 125 years.

Cost of Operations

Operating costs, regardless of the industry you may be serving, are the ongoing expenses incurred from the normal day-to-day functions of running a business. They often include rent, equipment, inventory costs, marketing, payroll, insurance and other funds allocated for research and development. Focusing on effective cost control allows you the benefit of keeping more cash on hand and the option to make future investments that will continue to grow your business.

Hobart dishwasher

The technologies found on Hobart Advansys™ dishmachines help control costs by providing a 50% reduction of wash water changes, a 90% reduction in cold water needed for tempering, and preheating incoming cold water on its way to the booster, saving up to 20% on overall energy costs. Additionally, the insulated hood of a Hobart dishmachine retains heat across wash cycles, providing a 40% decrease of total heat loss while also reducing latent room heat gain by as much as 50%.

Water consumption continues to be a major concern when it comes to operating a sustainable commercial kitchen. Too much water usage may equate to more long-term environmental concerns, while not using enough water to clean your pots, pans and dishware will likely result in an unclean and unsanitary consumer experience. Finding the right balance is key.

Hobart’s Drain Water Energy Recovery (DWER) system transfers heat from drain water to the incoming cold water, saving up to an additional 20% on energy to heat rinse water. Additionally, the dishmachine drain water is designed to exit below 140°F, eliminating the need for added water for tempering to meet code requirements. The results speak for themselves. Each of Hobart’s newest dishmachine lines have been updated and tested to the new ENERGY STAR 3.0 criteria, providing 17% or more in energy savings over older, non-ENERGY STAR recognized models.

Durability & Reliability
Durability and reliability are two words sure to make any foodservice operator sit up and take notice when it comes to selecting their kitchen equipment. Leaning on their superior reliability and the lowest energy, water and chemical consumption, Hobart’s commercial dishmachines offer the highest lifetime value available. Adhering to recommended and regular cleaning and maintenance procedures yields enhanced performance levels, and also leads to more efficient washes and energy savings over the life of the equipment.

The Advansys™ line of commercial dishmachines includes an Auto Delime function that protects equipment from hard water and saves on overall labor. This function alerts the operator when it’s time to run the delime cycle, based on water hardness levels and how many cycles the machine has run. It then automatically doses the dishmachine with a deliming solution as it runs through the entire cycle, ultimately ensuring your machine is properly cared for while maintaining peak operating efficiencies.

Providing the tools needed to run a smooth and efficient kitchen will often result in a more productive and happier staff. Whether this is during the cooking and preparation of the meals being served or the backend cleanup process, optimizing your kitchen’s workflow and providing your kitchen staff with greater bandwidth to perform a larger variety of duties and responsibilities is a strategy every foodservice operator can get behind.

Hobart’s dishmachines Automatic Soil Removal and Auto-Clean reduce pre-scraping labor by approximately 20%, and machine cleaning time by up to 50%. Smart touchscreen technology provides users with a simple and intuitive operation. Featuring integrated diagnostics and wireless connectivity with the new SmartConnect APP, these dishmachines simplify and shorten the training process and help prevent downtime that can hamper your operation.

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